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Introduction to the 11+

Welcome to the Parents’ Ultimate Guide to the 11+, your go-to resource for navigating the journey of preparing your child for these crucial exams.

This guide offers practical insights and strategies to support your child’s success, covering everything from understanding the exam format and content to creating a supportive environment.

Starter Guide to 11+ Exams – The Basics

The 11+ exams are standardised tests taken by students around the age of 11, serving as a crucial determinant for admission to selective independent and grammar schools.

These exams assess students’ academic aptitude in subjects such as English, mathematics, verbal reasoning, and non-verbal reasoning. Success in the 11+ exams is highly valued, as it opens doors to esteemed educational opportunities.

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Preparing Your Child for the 11+ Exams

Preparing your child for the 11+ exams requires a strategic and supportive approach. Firstly, familiarise yourself with the specific content and format of the exams relevant to your region, as these may vary.

Establish a structured study routine, incorporating focused sessions and utilise practice papers and mock exams to introduce your child to exam conditions and improve time management skills. Consider enlisting the help of experienced tutors or using online resources to address specific areas of weakness.

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A Guide to 11+ Maths Assessment

The 11+ maths assessment encompasses a variety of topics to evaluate a student’s mathematical proficiency. Students are expected to demonstrate problem-solving skills, logical reasoning, and the ability to work accurately under timed conditions.

It is crucial for students preparing for the 11+ maths assessment to practice a diverse range of mathematical problems to ensure readiness for the exam’s specific content and format.

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A Guide to 11+ English Assessment

The 11+ English assessment evaluates a student’s language proficiency through reading comprehension, vocabulary, grammar, and creative writing. Students may be required to engage in creative writing exercises, composing narratives or persuasive pieces.

Preparing for the 11+ English assessment involves a diverse approach, encompassing reading practice, writing skill development, and a thorough review of grammar and vocabulary to ensure readiness for the exam’s specific content and format.

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A Guide to 11+ Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning Assessment

The 11+ verbal reasoning assessment evaluates a student’s ability to comprehend and manipulate information presented in words, including verbal analogies, code-breaking, and logical deduction.

In contrast, the non-verbal reasoning assessment assesses problem-solving skills without the use of language, involving spatial awareness, shape recognition, pattern identification, and series completion.

Both assessments aim to measure a student’s logical thinking, deduction abilities, and analytical reasoning.

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11+ Preparation – Advice for Years 3-6

When preparing your child for the 11+ exams, take a gradual and well-rounded approach. Concentrate on strengthening core skills in English and maths and make learning enjoyable by introducing age-appropriate puzzles and games.

Encourage a love for reading and writing, and establish a manageable study routine with short, focused sessions. Introduce practice papers gradually to ease your child into the exam format. Utilise educational apps and online resources to make learning interactive and fun.

Keep an eye on your child’s progress, celebrate milestones, and cultivate a positive and supportive learning environment, fostering a genuine enthusiasm for education in preparation for future exams.

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Ultimate Guide to the 11+

Download our Free Ultimate Guide to the 11+. Over 70+ pages of detailed information including:

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