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66 Parent Reviews
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66 Parent Reviews
“Fees for one to one tuition from £34/hr.”

The Principal Tutors Approach to Online A-Level English Language Tutoring

While some providers of online A-Level English language tutors operate primarily as a directory, helping pupils and tutors to connect, they provide little else in the way of overall customer service. Principal Tutors adopts a different approach by providing parents with a comprehensive concierge-like service to help them find the perfect tutor:

  1. Our tutors are all experienced and qualified teachers with regulated teaching qualifications. They know the curriculum inside out and they have spent years of their professional lives helping children just like yours to achieve their potential. You won’t find student teachers here or even newly qualified teachers.
  2. We take great pains to match the right pupil and tutor. We will identify an appropriate tutor for the needs of the individual. That tutor will then carry out an initial assessment firstly to determine baseline levels for your child and then prepare a fully personalised programme of study, with emphasis on those areas which need the most attention.
  3. All tuition sessions can be recorded upon request. Pupils can then rerun any and all sessions to refresh, revise and consolidate. They will have their own personal learning resource.
  4. The pupil will receive valuable one-to-one feedback of a depth that would rarely be possible in a normal classroom. It will address specifics and aid future learning immeasurably.
  5. We are confident that our service lives up to our promises and beyond, but should there be any problems along the way, we offer accessible, empathetic customer support. This is provided not by administrators but by other teachers, who will readily understand any issues and find the best answers.

Why Principal Tutors

We help at all levels of the education system to achieve their true potential and academic goals.

Qualified Teachers

We only work with Qualified teachers who have significant classroom experience teaching the UK National Curriculum.

Tutor-Pupil Matching

Simply tell us about your requirements and we will introduce you to the right tutor for your child. If you are not happy, we will allocate you an alternative tutor at any time

Personal Customer Support

With years of experience in the education field, we can provide you with a personal touch to customer service, so that you can contact us to discuss any aspect of your child’s education any time.

Our Private, Online A-Level English Language Tuition will Increase Your Child’s Knowledge and Prepare them for Their Final Exams

All of Our Online Tutors are UK Qualified Teachers, Experienced in Delivering the English Language A Level Syllabus

Despite the many changes in education policy over the past few decades and the restructuring of both the system and the curriculum up to and including GCSEs, the A level model has remained the pinnacle of secondary education. A-Levels determine university places and carry significant weight with prospective employers. These two years of intensive study of, usually, three subjects are a major determining factor in the future of every school student.

Although the choice of A-Level subjects is very wide, the core subjects, which include Maths and English, are still of enormous importance. English, in particular, is a challenging A-Level because of the element of interpretation required in assessing study materials. Although a certain amount of A Level English tutoring involves discussion of the formal nature of syntax, grammar and vocabulary – complex in itself – there is a significant focus on the uses of language in everything from scripted speeches and research-heavy articles to unrehearsed radio and television interviews.

As with any subject at this level, English demands an accumulation of knowledge over the two years of study and it is easy to fall behind for a number of reasons. A class may be disruptive or simply too large to serve every pupil sufficiently. There may be communication difficulties with the teacher. Alternatively, a pupil may suffer enforced absences from school through injury or illness. Whatever the reason, once a pupil falls behind, it is imperative to catch up or they will never be fully prepared to do their best either in coursework or end of course exams.

The only feasible alternative is to engage private A-Level English language tutors to make up the lost ground. Extra-mural A-Level English tutoring is not a new idea but advances in digital technology has helped create a broad new resource of English language A-Level tutors online.


The English teacher introduced to us by Principal Tutors is excellent. She is always so positive with the children. She is also prepared to amend and tailor the sessions to the latest work that children are doing at school in their lessons.


I wanted someone specifically for English who could get on together with my son and I am really glad to say that I got in touch with Principal Tutors. It has only been a month but the way things are shaping up, I can clearly see and believe that the tutor will get him to the other side of GCSE. I would like to thank Principal tutors for their efforts…


The English tutor is extremely friendly and open. She has a refreshingly welcoming disposition and is understanding and flexible to student needs. She makes herself freely available and always responds to any queries with enthusiasm.

English Tutor

“In the short period Rebecca has spent with Sam she has immediately gained his confidence and respect. She has started to inspire his self-respect and is showing him he can achieve more than he he currently aspires to.”

Find the best A-Level English language tutors

At Principal Tutors, we provide easy access to the best English language A-Level tutors online who can deliver the highest standard of A-Level English tutoring. The beauty of this approach is that it combines the convenience of being able to learn from home, without any logistical difficulties, and virtually limitless access to A-Level English tutoring specialists wherever they live and work.

For the very best English language A-Level tutors online you need to look no further than Principal Tutors. Give your child the invaluable help and support they need to conquer the English language A-Level mountain. It’s a decision you and they will never regret.

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“Fees for one to one tuition from £34/hr.”