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66 Parent Reviews
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66 Parent Reviews
“Fees for one to one tuition from £34/hr.”

Online Physics Tutors

Principal Tutors provide private online tutors in Physics.

Why Choose Principal Tutors?

  1. We are UK qualified Physics teachers, with a wealth of classroom and online teaching experience and we know the UK curriculum (no students allowed!)
  2. We tutor-pupil match for you, ensuring you engage with the right online physic tutor for your child’s personal requirements.
  3. We can record all online physics lessons upon request. allowing your child to rewatch their online classes
  4. We provide written feedback from your child’s private physic tutor after every online lesson.
  5. We provide customer support (again, by a teacher!)

Why Principal Tutors?

We help at all levels of the education system to achieve their true potential and academic goals.

Qualified Teachers

We only work with Qualified teachers who have significant classroom experience teaching the UK National Curriculum.

Tutor-Pupil Matching

Simply tell us about your requirements and we will introduce you to the right tutor for your child. If you are not happy, we will allocate you an alternative tutor at any time

Personal Customer Support

With years of experience in the education field, we can provide you with a personal touch to customer service, so that you can contact us to discuss any aspect of your child’s education any time.

Why Choose Principal Tutors’ Online Physics Tuition?

All of our Online Physics Tutors are Experienced, UK Qualified Teachers

Physics is at the heart of the modern world. Without it, we would have no computers, mobile phones, electric cars, televisions, electric lighting or the plethora of other modern technologies. It also stretches our imagination and capacity to wonder. What is everything made of? How did the universe begin and where will it end? Children have a natural interest in such questions and a deep curiosity as to how everything works. Those who pursue the subject successfully are enriched for life and have bright career prospects.

Physics studies are based upon experiments and therefore studying it develops a student’s problem-solving abilities. Even if the student’s ultimate career path is not directed toward engineering or laboratory work, almost every employer looks for evidence of problem-solving abilities at interview, so a physics qualification is regarded as a strong indication of both academic and practical prowess. The role of a good physics tutor is to develop those abilities without blunting the exuberant curiosity that children bring to the subject.

Schools work extremely hard but one thing they cannot do is to match a particular physics tutor to a particular child. Interpersonal chemistry between the student and the teacher is always important and for some children, vital. It is a tragedy when bright, enthusiastic and ambitious scholars achieve lower qualifications than their capabilities suggest because of a mismatch with their physics tutor. The ready availability of online physics tutors can remedy that problem.


Thank you for recommending such an amazing physics tutor for my son. We are now confident he will achieve the graded he needs to get into the uni of his choice, which is all down to the support we received from Principal Tutors and our wonderful tutor.


I cannot thank you enough, my daughter has improved in confidence so much after the help she receives form her chemistry and biology tutor.


An amazing science teacher, engaging and patient. My son adores her. Thank you!

GCSE Science

“I called Principal Tutors to find a science tutor for my daughter as she was struggling with understanding science at school. The tutor was really helpful and patient and helped my daughter with no just science topics but with exam technique, and revision schedules aswell as her maths. Really happy with the service overall.”

How Expert Online Physics Tutoring can Help Unlock Your Child’s Full Potential

Online physics tutors are also invaluable for students who have missed lessons through illness, relocation, language difficulties and a host of other problems and distractions that ought not to limit their future achievement. When we provide a physics tutor, we can match them for particular kinds of student and their specific needs. All our online physics tutors are pre-selected for their experience, proven qualifications and versatility.

“Grade A” students also frequently seek out extra support. Typically, they have already been inspired with a passion for the subject by their schools and colleges but want more. Many schools often fail to deliver every last nuance specified in the national curriculum because of time constraints and most lack the time to add to it by exploring additional material in which their students are interested. Strong students who wish to maximise their grades will benefit from a physics tutor out of school hours and this one-on-one tuition can be adapted to suit the individual student’s interests.

We can provide a physics tutor for students of all levels and ages, however, most demand occurs around GCSE and A-level Physics, often taken as a component of a three science GCSE (also see our Biology and Chemistry tuition). At that level, topics will include areas such as energy, forces, electricity, electromagnetism, waves, mechanics, thermodynamics, nuclear radiation, space and measurement challenges. We use a range of modern online teaching aids and all the online lessons from science tutors can be recorded for you and your child to replay as often as you like.

Private One-to-One Physics Tutoring from the Comfort of Your Home

The main teaching aid is a virtual online classroom that uses audio-video interactions and digital whiteboards on which both the student and the physics tutor can write. Space is provided for uploading and downloading additional learning materials and as a result of these provisions, our students are not required to make extensive notes of their own which pleases many of them and saves a great deal of time. Upon request, we can also provide written feedback after a lesson.

All our professionals are experienced UK teachers, including those in our customer service function, so if you do need to contact our office for any reason, you can be confident of talking to a teacher with a thorough knowledge of the national curriculum and university entry requirements as well as an understanding of the many kinds of issues students may encounter.

Online physics tutors help your child develop their independent learning skills as well as the all-important confidence that sees them sail through examinations and maintain their enthusiasm for life-long learning. Please contact us with any questions at any time.

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“Fees for one to one tuition from £34/hr.”