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66 Parent Reviews
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66 Parent Reviews
“Fees for one to one tuition from £34/hr.”

Online Maths Tutors

Principal Tutors provide private online tutors in maths at all levels including primary, GCSE and A-level.

Why Choose Principal Tutors for Online Maths Tutoring?

The advantages of online maths tutoring are well understood, but our services have been designed to deliver higher value and greater benefits than any other online maths tutoring service. Here are just five reasons to choose Principal Tutors when you are searching for a highly qualified and experienced maths tutor.

  1. We are teachers and we know the UK curriculum (no students allowed!)
  2. We tutor-pupil match for you.
  3. We can record all lessons at your request
  4. We provide written feedback after every lesson
  5. We provide customer support (again, by a teacher)

Online Maths Tuition by UK Qualified Teachers

Many tutoring services employ a wide range of extremely capable and competent individuals who undoubtedly know their subject but aren’t necessarily fully conversant with the current curriculum. Moreover, they may not have the teaching skills to understand a student’s needs, explain a topic in the clearest terms and carry the student forward to the appropriate level of proficiency. However gifted a maths undergraduate or postgraduate maybe, the interactive, empathetic skills required to communicate effectively may not have been developed. All of our online maths tutors are fully qualified and experienced teachers or lecturers.

Tutor-Pupil Matching

Organisations that offer one-to-one tutoring are frequently little more than directories. They may have signed up an impressive list of teachers, qualified or not, but at Principal Tutors, we don’t believe that is sufficient. The tutor-student relationship is a very personal one, and it is essential to be able to establish trust, understanding and a collaborative spirit. We place enormous emphasis on the need to assign the right online maths tutor based not simply on their knowledge and experience but also on their teaching style, adaptability, and personality. One pupil may respond well to a brisk, formal manner, while another may need encouragement and patience. Each online maths tutor is hand-picked for each assignment.

Watch Again

Another of the advantages of using private maths tutors is that they are able to provide detailed, personalised feedback. After every lesson, students will understandably want to know how well they are progressing, as do their parents. Encouragement during the lesson is good teaching practice, but a formal evaluation from one of our online maths tutors giving specifics on both improvements and areas that need attention or revision, and this adds considerable value to the tutoring experience.


Another of the advantages of using private maths tutors is that they are able to provide detailed, personalised feedback. After every lesson, students will understandably want to know how well they are progressing, as do their parents. Encouragement during the lesson is good teaching practice, but a formal evaluation from one of our online maths tutors giving specifics on both improvements and areas that need attention or revision, and this adds considerable value to the tutoring experience.

Customer Support

Delivering an outstanding service is about more than exceptional teaching standards. Principal Tutors provides a professional service and customer support to match. Our clients are investing not just their money in us but also their trust, time and hopes for the future. We ensure that every one of our students feels fully supported throughout the process and that any questions or problems are resolved at the earliest opportunity. Support is given by qualified private maths tutors who have the necessary insight to understand difficulties and provide answers.

Why Principal Tutors

We help at all levels of the education system to achieve their true potential and academic goals.

Qualified Teachers

We only work with Qualified teachers who have significant classroom experience teaching the UK National Curriculum.

Tutor-Pupil Matching Service

Simply tell us about your requirements and we will introduce you to the right tutor for your child. If you are not happy, we will allocate you an alternative tutor at any time.

Personal Customer Support

With years of experience in the education field, we can provide you with a personal touch to customer service, so that you can contact us to discuss any aspect of your child’s education any time.

Who Can Benefit from Online Maths Tutoring?

Perhaps your motivation to learn goes beyond the level at which you are currently studying, and you are hungry to pursue certain topics in more detail at a higher level. Or it may be that, for any number of reasons, you feel you have fallen beyond and see no prospect of
catching up within the formal context of your school or university timetable. We provide a comprehensive, complementary service for students.

Engaging an online maths tutor is the ideal solution. Our teachers are fully equipped to deliver all the UK maths curriculum requirements, including the most advanced subjects at each level, such as algebra, calculus, trigonometry and differential equations. Let us find your ideal online maths tutor today.

Primary Maths Tutors Online

Primary level maths is taught at key stage 1 (KS1) and key stage 2 (KS2) and covers the fundamental numeracy skills needed to progress on to secondary school. If you think your child would benefit from some home based online maths tuition, we can introduce you to specialised primary level maths tutors with experience of helping pupils at these early stages of mathematical development.

Online GCSE Maths Tutors

Secondary school maths starts with key stage 3 (KS3) which prepares pupils for the GCSE and any gaps in knowledge at this stage need to to rectified if a pupil is going to progress well with their later GCSE maths study. We have qualified online maths tutors with experience at helping pupils with KS3 maths and GCSE maths. Contact us now to discuss your individual requirements for maths tuition.

Online A-level Maths Tutors

A-level maths is the study of advanced mathematical concepts and is a necessary prerequisite to gain entrance to many top universities on many different degree courses which require a high level of mathematical ability, such as Engineering, Science and of course maths degree courses. There are several different aspects to A-level maths which can be broken to down to pure (core), mechanics and statistics.

Topics studied include algebra, calculus, probability, discrete maths, complex numbers, parametric equations, sequences, trigonometry, vectors and many other interesting areas. We work with some of the UKs top online A-level maths tutors that specialise specifically in A-level maths tuition, so contact us on the number below to book your online maths tutor.

How does our Online Maths Tuition Service Work?

Our virtual online classrooms use digital whiteboards with integrated audio and video capability. Sessions are recorded so you can review your lesson afterwards as often as required. The entire whiteboard contents will also be emailed to you after each lesson for your notes. Both tutor and student can write on the whiteboard and learning material can be uploaded to the learning space. This means a highly effective and efficient one to one tutoring session can take place, without the pupil having to spend any time making notes.


Suzanne is really helping to increase my son’s confidence in maths. Her manner is very positive and she gives lots of positive reinforcement. She is calm, constructive and willing to adapt her lesson to the needs of the child


My daughter has progressed significantly in just 4 weeks. Her confidence with maths is improving so quickly. Would definitely recommend to others who are struggling and need a boost in confidence.


The initial communication from Principal Tutors was swift and efficient.  The maths tutor was allocated to my son within a couple of days and we have found her to be excellent.  My son enjoys his tutor lessons with her.  Her support has helped him so much already (after a few lessons) and his confidence in mathematics has grown greatly in that time.  Her communication with me as a parent has also been excellent. Thank you Principal Tutors – we are so glad we found you!!!!!

Maths Tutor – Mark

“We were put in touch with a maths tutor called Mark, who was able to help my son with his maths work on a weekly basis. He has made really good progress with his maths and has improved in confidence also. Great tutor.”

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do maths tutors cost?
Our online maths tutoring sessions cost from just £34 per hour.

Unlike other online tutoring sites, we only engage with fully UK-qualified teachers with a wealth of experience delivering lessons both in the classroom and online.

How do I find a good maths tutor?
Finding the perfect online maths tutor to help unlock your child’s potential is easier than you think.

Unlike other websites, we are not simply a directory or marketplace that advertises private tutors. At Principal Tutors, we get to know your child and understand their requirements. Only then will we introduce them to a fully qualified and experienced teacher.

Whether your child is a natural maths prodigy or if they find the subject confusing and challenging, our expert team of maths tutors can help. Undertaking online maths tutoring, delivered by an experienced teacher, can significantly increase their confidence and improve their subject knowledge whilst preparing them for their exams.

Our virtual online classroom allows one-to-one maths lessons to be undertaken anywhere, at a location that is convenient for you, with no more commuting to tutoring sessions, and an environment where your child feels relaxed and ready to learn. No outside peer pressure from disruptive classmates, just tailored, one-to-one guidance and support from our expert tutors that your child requires to unlock their true potential.

Are maths tutors worth it?
All of our maths tutors are fully qualified maths teachers with an in-depth knowledge of the UK curriculum. Due to the knowledge and experience of our teachers, they can quickly identify gaps in your child’s knowledge that are holding them back and tailor their lessons to fill these holes.

Utilising various teaching techniques based on the students learning styles and preferences, our teachers will enhance your child’s knowledge and prepare them for future exams.

Why choose an online maths tutor?
Maths is a cumulative subject, meaning concepts build on one another. Your child must understand the basics before progressing to more advanced mathematical concepts. More advanced concepts are more difficult to understand when students do not have a solid foundational knowledge of Maths.

The average state school has 30 or more pupils in a class, and even private schools average 15 pupils per class. Even the most talented teacher will struggle to engage and provide your child with the attention and support they require with these class sizes.

This is where private maths tuition can help develop your child’s understanding of mathematics. Unlike traditional classes, private tuition will allow your child to receive one-to-one support and guidance, taught in a way that suits their learning style, ensuring they have a strong understanding of each topic before progressing to the next.

If a child loses confidence in themselves, they will become demotivated and never fulfil their potential. Ensure this doesn’t happen by engaging with a skilled and experienced online maths tutor from Principal Tutors.

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“Fees for one to one tuition from £34/hr.”