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66 Parent Reviews
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66 Parent Reviews
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66 Parent Reviews
“Fees for one to one tuition from £34/hr.”

Are you interested in starting a tutoring business?

Do you want the freedom of being your own boss?

Principal Tutors is now seeking individuals to operate their own local branch of Principal Tutors via our low-cost tutoring franchise.

We operate an easy tutoring business model: we are a professional provider of one to one home tuition; there are no costly tuition centres to hire and no educational equipment to purchase. As a franchisee of Principal Tutors you can work from home and choose your own hours whilst growing a meaningful business in your local area that will benefit many people in your community, and all with our full support, coaching and training.

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Affordable & Flexible

This is a low entry cost tutoring business with everything provided for you to build a profitable business in your area. Moreover, there is flexibility on who provides the tuition and what subjects you cover. You can tutor yourself, or recruit a team of tutors and cover a range of subjects and levels.

Multi-Income Streams

Principal Tutors is a multi-service tutoring franchise, where you have the opportunity to build a successful tutoring business in your local area using any one of our four income streams.

Work from Home

You can work from home, set your own hours and goals and make a real difference to your community. Say goodbye to targets, inspections, marking and commuting! This is an easy to run business where you are the boss.

Training, Support & Marketing

We offer full training and on-going support so you can contact us for help whenever you need us. Benefit from the years of experience we have accumulated.

High Demand Tutoring Service

As a franchisee of Principal Tutors you will have the enviable position of providing a high-demand hard-to-find local service. The private tuition industry is a growth market which has seen year on year expansion over the last 10 years and in the UK alone is currently worth about £6billion per year with over one in four parents paying for private tuition to supplement their child’s education. Our unique profitable business model capitalises on the ever increasing demand for private tuition in the UK.

Tutor Yourself

Perhaps you fancy being hands-on from day one and making a positive impact, not just to your pupils, but to your bottom line from the outset. By tutoring yourself, you can provide a positive cash flow to your business almost immediately, and with a typical generous hourly rate of around £30+ per hour for your professional services, you could soon be earning a respectable income for just 3-4 hours tutoring a day.

Manage a Team of Tutors

If you wish to remove the ceiling on your income, then you will need to consider our management approach, where you manage a team of professional tutors and offer a wide range of subjects to clients in your area. With this approach, we can show you how to earn a generous commission on every hour your tutors work on your behalf.

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Making a Difference to Your Local Community

The Principal Tutors franchise is all about helping people and making a difference to society. We help you to own and run your own profitable local tutoring business, and you will make a positive contribution to your local community, by helping young people to develop their true potential.

Multiple Subjects

Principal Tutors is a professional tuition services provider with a difference. In addition to our four main income streams, there are also no limits on the number of subjects you can offer tuition in. For instance, you are free to choose from core subjects such as maths and English, to science and languages, or perhaps musical instrument tuition or IT – there are probably more subjects than you first realise! All of which makes the Principal Tutors franchise a unique and wide-ranging opportunity.

Low Cost Tutoring Franchise

Principal Tutors is a low-cost tutoring franchise, providing you with everything you need to start, run and grow your own local tutoring business in your local area. Our start-up costs are a fraction of most other typical franchises, yet you still receive everything you need to build a tutoring business.


Business Support, Coaching & Training

Furthermore, we provide ongoing and unlimited personalised business supportcoaching and training, so you will never be left guessing how or what to do.

When you invest in a Principal Tutors franchise you will benefit from the years of experience we have gained in the education market and our knowledge of local business development, marketing and tutoring in general. We know what works and what doesn’t when it comes to running a professional tutoring business, and the Principal Tutors franchise means that you can now gain access to this same level of experience and expertise.


Request a prospectus, call us for free (including from mobiles) on 0800 772 0974

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