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66 Parent Reviews
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66 Parent Reviews

Phase 1 – Year 3 & Year 4 (Informal and Preparatory) Phase 2- Year 5 (Formal Preparation) Phase 3 Final Preparation (Summer Between Year 5 & Year 6) Phase 1 – Year 3 & Year 4 (Informal and Preparatory) Year 3 During Year 3, there is no need to do any formal preparation for the […]

Verbal Reasoning Non-Verbal Reasoning How a Tutor Can Help With Preparation Verbal Reasoning Verbal Reasoning is a set of skills frequently assessed in children sitting the 11+. Along with its counterpart, Non-Verbal Reasoning, these papers are most dissimilar to what a child will routinely be doing in school as part of their curriculum studies. Again, […]

English Topics and Content The English Assessments How a Tutor Can Help With English Preparation English topics and content 11+ English incorporates a wide range of different forms of assessment which might include: You must find out if you can, whether the English paper your child is sitting is from GL or whether it is […]

Maths Topics and Content The Maths Assessment Paper How a Tutor Can Help With Maths Preparation Maths topics and content The maths assessment will be based on the curriculum maths your child has learned in school. However, the difficulty will be increased for the following reasons: It is also worth considering that although your child […]

Almost every state selective school will hold their exam in the September of Year 6. If you know that you have a selective school or schools in your area for which you would like to enter your child, then you may want to think of the preparation for the 11+ in three phases: See our […]

What is the 11+? The Different Types of Schools The Main Providers of the 11+ Exam Schools with Different Assessment Requirements What is the 11+? The 11+ is an entrance exam children take for selective secondary schools or ‘grammar schools’ in a few schools in England. There are no selective schools in Wales. Most English […]

If your child is getting ready to sit the 11-plus exam, you may be wondering how you can help them feel confident and prepared for this milestone. Fortunately, for parents, there are a few things you can do to make the journey easier, and a great start is reading a range of eleven-plus books to […]

The 11 plus exam provides an overview of a student’s abilities as they enter secondary education. This exam is only taken in some schools in England, as Wales and Scotland do not have grammar schools. If your child has the 11 plus test coming up, it’s helpful to know what to expect so they can […]

If your child is in a primary school in England or Northern Ireland then you may find that they are required to sit the 11+ exam in Year 6. The 11+ is a standardised test that works as an entrance test for some secondary schools and provides up to date information on the academic abilities of each pupil that sits it.


We are so happy with our 11+ tutor, she is always very professional and approachable, and she is helping my son to gain in confidence for his grammar school entrance exams next term.


Very happy with the Tutor who is working with my daughter for the 11+. He always replies to emails promptly, engages my daughter during the online lesson, and she's enjoying the work. Thank you.


We were recommended a tutor for our needs very quickly and were able to start immediately. My daughter is getting tutoring for her 11+ exam and according to her, the tutor is amazing. There is a long way until the exam but she managed to bust my daughter's confidence in Maths. Thank you!


Thank you for recommending such an amazing physics tutor for my son. We are now confident he will achieve the graded he needs to get into the uni of his choice, which is all down to the support we received from Principal Tutors and our wonderful tutor.