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Online Tuition – Which Subjects Are in Demand?

26/01/2023 / Online Tutoring

If you are worried about your child’s progress or want to give them the push they need to reach the next level, then you may be considering hiring a tutor. Tutoring is a popular choice when you want someone who can help close the gap or even stretch and challenge your child’s knowledge, but which subjects should you choose?

At Principal Tutors, we have qualified teachers for all ages and stages of the curriculum ready to support your child, making us a trusted voice in the sea of tuition services. Find out more about which subjects we get asked to provide tuition for and then decide which is the best route for your child’s needs.

What is Online Tuition?

Online tuition refers to the delivery of educational instruction and support through the internet, typically using video conferencing, live streaming, or other digital tools. Online tuition can take many forms, including:

  • One-on-One Tutoring – this involves a student receiving instruction and support from a private tutor via video conferencing or other online communication tools. Principal Tutors specialise in one to one tuition.
  • Group Tutoring – this involves a group of students receiving instruction and support from a tutor via video conferencing or other online communication tools.
  • Online Classes – this involves a student participating in a class that is delivered entirely online. The class may be live and interactive or pre-recorded and self-paced. Principal Tutors provide live online tuition with qualified school teachers.
  • Online Study Groups – this involves students coming together online to study, discuss and collaborate on a specific subject or course.

Why is Online Tuition Better Than Face to Face Tuition?

When deciding to go ahead with tuition for your child, deciding between online and face to face is a difficult choice. However, we firmly believe that online tuition can offer a number of advantages over face-to-face tuition, including:

  • Flexibility – online tuition allows students to learn at their own pace and on their own schedule, which can be especially beneficial for those with busy lives or other commitments.
  • Convenience – online tuition eliminates the need for travel, which can save students time and money. It also allows students to study from any location with an internet connection.
  • Cost-Effectiveness – online tuition is often more affordable than in-person tuition, as it eliminates the need for travel and other expenses.
  • Access to a Wider Range of Resources – online tuition allows students to access a wider range of resources, such as educational videos, tutorials, and other materials, which can supplement their learning and help them understand the subject better.
  • Access to a Wider Range of Tutors – online tuition allows students to access a wider range of tutors from different locations, which can provide them with a more diverse range of perspectives and teaching styles.

Which Tuition Subjects Are Most Popular?

The demand for tutors varies depending on the location, age group, and academic level of the students. However, some subjects tend to be in higher demand overall, including:

  • Maths Tutors – Maths is a subject that is often challenging for many students, and therefore, there is often high demand for online maths tutor services. This is particularly true for higher levels of maths, such as higher-tier exam papers and a-level maths.
  • Science Tutors Science subjects, such as physics, chemistry, and biology, are often in high demand for tutors, particularly at the high school level when students need help understanding specific concepts in preparation for exams.
  • English Tutors English is a subject that is essential for success in both academic and professional settings, and therefore, there is often a high demand for English tutors, particularly for students who are struggling with reading, writing, or grammar.
  • 11+ Tuition Tutors who have experience with helping pupils pass the 11+ entrance exams for grammar and independent schools are in high demand so that families can help secure a place for their child in their chosen school
  • Primary Tutors a lot of parents arrange tuition for their children when they are at primary age to help them overcome issues or gaps in their knowledge before high school. Primary tutors are, therefore, in high demand as they can teach a range of subjects without the need for multiple tutors.

Some academic subjects are in more demand for tuition than others because they are considered to be more challenging or important for a student’s academic success.

For example, math and science are considered challenging subjects for many students and are key for many fields such as engineering and medicine, English and language learning are considered important for success in many fields as it’s considered the language of business and is essential for global communication.

Whichever subject your child needs support with, there are always expertly qualified tutors ready to help!

Why Do Parents Decide to Use Tuition Services?

There are a number of reasons why parents may choose to use a tutor for their child, including:

  • Struggling in School – Some parents may seek a tutor for their child if they are struggling academically or falling behind in their studies. A tutor can provide individualised attention and support to help the child catch up and succeed in school.
  • Need for Extra Challenge – Other parents may seek a tutor for their child if they are highly gifted or advanced in their studies and need extra challenges or enrichment to keep them engaged and motivated.
  • Specific Subject Difficulties – some parents may seek a tutor for their child if they are having difficulty with a specific subject, such as math or science. A tutor can provide targeted support and help the child to overcome their difficulties.
  • Lack of Confidence – some children may lack confidence in their academic abilities and may benefit from working with a tutor who can provide encouragement and support.
  • Time Constraints – some parents may use a tutor for their child if they are unable to provide the necessary support or attention due to work or other commitments.
  • Learning Difficulties – if a child has additional learning needs, then a parent may want to use a tutor who can provide bespoke support at the level the child is working at, helping them to make appropriate progress in relation to their needs.

If your child needs tutoring for any of the reasons listed above then it’s a great time to look into online tuition and give them the boost they need – you will be amazed at the different just a few sessions can have!

How Do I Pick the Right Tutor for My Child?

If you are ready to arrange a tutor for your child, then you will want to find the right person who can help your child to achieve the success they are looking for. One of the first things you should look for is a tutor who has experience and expertise in the specific subject or subjects your child is struggling with. You may also want to consider a tutor who has experience working with children of your child’s age.

You should also consider a tutor who has experience and expertise in the specific subject or subjects your child is struggling with. You may also want to consider a tutor who has experience working with children of your child’s age.

Once you think you have found the right person, take the time to ask for references or reviews from other parents or students who have worked with the tutor. This can give you a sense of their teaching style and effectiveness.

Other considerations that can help you narrow down your search include the cost of sessions, whether there is a specific tie-in period or if they offer pay-as-you-go support, and whether they have any relevant teaching experience and knowledge of the curriculum.

Finally, you should also think about arranging a trial session to see if your child clicks with the tutor and vice versa, ensuring that they will have a positive relationship so that your child feels motivated to make the progress you are hoping for.

Why Does My Child Need Tuition?

Many parents worry that they have done something wrong when their child falls behind with the learning but this is not the case. There are a myriad of reasons why tuition can be needed, with the majority of cases being either because a child has missing some learning and wants to catch up or is working with an additional learning need and needs specialist input to achieve the best outcomes possible.

In addition, many parents also choose tuition in a bid to provide their child with more learning opportunities, helping them to excel and achieve their academic goals. Finally, many parents also choose tuition when their child is displaying no motivation for learning or when they are unhappy in school.

Tuition can work to fill the gaps and help the child realise their own potential while you find a way through their school distress. As there are so many different reasons for needing tutoring, the variety of children being tutored is also extensive, making it both fun and interesting work for tutors as they push ahead to help your child achieve the best level of success.

Knowing if Online Tuition is Working

Online tuition can be a great way to help your child progress and achieve their academic goals, but it’s important to regularly assess their progress to ensure they are getting the most out of their online tuition. Here are a few ways you can tell if online tuition is helping your child progress:

  • Track Their Progress – keep track of your child’s scores and school feedback and compare them to before they started online tuition. If you notice an improvement in their grades, this is a good indication that online tuition is helping them progress.
  • Monitor Their Homework – keep an eye on the quality and quantity of homework your child is completing. If they are completing more homework and it is of a higher quality, this is a sign that online tuition is helping them to understand and retain the material.
  • Track Their Attendance – observe if your child is attending their online tuition sessions regularly. Regular attendance is a good indication that your child is engaged and motivated to learn. If there are issues with their attendance then talk to them about it calmly to get to the root of the problem.
  • Communicate with the Tutor – regularly communicate with your child’s tutor to get their feedback on your child’s progress. They may be able to provide you with insights on what your child is struggling with and what areas they are excelling in.
  • Test Your Child’s Knowledge – test your child’s knowledge on the subject they are learning through online tuition. If they are able to answer questions correctly and demonstrate understanding of the material, it is a sign that online tuition is helping them progress.
  • Observe Their Attitude – observe your child’s attitude towards the subject and their studies. If they are showing more interest and engagement, it’s an indication that online tuition is making a positive impact.
  • Talk to Their School – online tutors are typically used as a method to help improve a child’s progress when they are struggling. Remember to inform the school about the tuition and get their input on the areas that need support, sharing the information with the tuition service you use.

Why Should I Choose Principal Tutors for My Child?

At Principal Tutors, we make it our mission to help you find the tutors your child needs with the least fuss and hassle.

All our tutors are fully qualified teachers with experience in teaching the National Curriculum and will work hard to help your child reach their true potential. We don’t believe in tying you into long, drawn-out contracts and offer a pay-as-you-go service that fits with your requirements and availability.

All tuition is completed online, making it easy to access via any internet-enabled device, and all our tutors are properly vetted before they work with any children. If you are ready to help your child succeed, then we are here to help – get in touch today and let’s get started.


We are so happy with our 11+ tutor, she is always very professional and approachable, and she is helping my son to gain in confidence for his grammar school entrance exams next term.


Very happy with the Tutor who is working with my daughter for the 11+. He always replies to emails promptly, engages my daughter during the online lesson, and she's enjoying the work. Thank you.


We were recommended a tutor for our needs very quickly and were able to start immediately. My daughter is getting tutoring for her 11+ exam and according to her, the tutor is amazing. There is a long way until the exam but she managed to bust my daughter's confidence in Maths. Thank you!


Thank you for recommending such an amazing physics tutor for my son. We are now confident he will achieve the graded he needs to get into the uni of his choice, which is all down to the support we received from Principal Tutors and our wonderful tutor.