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Can You Study Maths Online?

11/11/2022 / Maths Tutoring

How we work and study has changed significantly over the past few years. This shift is due to the rise of technology and the fact that we had to adapt, embracing change due to the Covid pandemic.

As a result of this, private tuition in subjects such as mathematics has become more accessible to many families, due in no small part to the growth in private maths tutors now offering online tutoring services.

This article outlines the benefits of engaging with a qualified and experienced maths teacher to tutor your child and how online tutoring sessions work.

What this article covers:

Can I Study Maths Online?

Thanks to developments in technology, online private tutoring is now more popular than it has ever been. The consistent one-to-one support offered by an online tutor helps children build confidence and develops their enthusiasm for the subject. This results in improved grades and better self-esteem. The tailored, personalised approach to maths learning which comes with online one-to-one tutoring means that no child is left behind or moved on too quickly. Gaps are recognised and addressed, ensuring that every child develops a firm understanding and a strong foundation upon which to build in subsequent sessions. It can benefit many types of students, whether they are struggling and require extra support or need to be stretched.

Why is Maths such an Important Subject?

Maths is crucial in many areas of life and is all around us in everything we do. It is the science of numbers, shapes, measurement and logic and plays an integral part in many everyday functions. Telling the time, measuring ingredients for baking and paying for shopping all involve an element of mathematical understanding. As society has developed, our mathematical needs have become more complex, and we need to be able to use maths everywhere.

Maths teaches us to become effective problem solvers. This is a valuable skill which has many applications in life. It enables us to spot patterns and teaches us how to work backwards to find a solution. It develops logical reasoning and helps us to learn how to work systematically. These are all transferrable skills which we can apply to countless situations throughout life. An understanding of maths opens up so many opportunities.

Mathematical knowledge also plays a vital role in understanding other school subjects. It is intertwined with so many other areas of the curriculum, from science and computing and even art and music. A weakness in maths can lead to issues in other subjects.

How to Improve Maths Skills

Now that we have established why maths is so important, how do we go about improving maths skills? One way is to incorporate maths into everyday situations. Young children could count the stairs, find numbers in the environment or create patterns. Slightly older children can help weigh and measure out ingredients when cooking and baking. This will expose them to and familiarise them with cooking units, scales, temperature and fractions. Get them involved in price checking while shopping and talk about which brands are better value and why this is the case. This will help them to understand money and gain a better understanding of numbers and prices.

Maths games are another great way of making learning fun. Traditional games such as chess, dominoes and cards develop mathematical skills almost subliminally. Memory games can help to develop working memory, which plays an essential role in mathematical learning and improves concentration, focus and attention. Learning through play is relevant for all age groups and means mathematical understanding develops organically whilst having fun.

Practice makes perfect, and maths is no exception, so try to recap on key skills every day in a short ten-minute session. This could be a quick recall of times tables facts, mental addition, subtraction, and division. This will help develop mathematical fluency, which in turn, will improve self-confidence, leading to a more enthusiastic attitude.

What are the Benefits of a Private Maths Tutor over Classroom Learning?

When you decide to engage a private tutor for your child, you are giving them an excellent opportunity to progress in ways that can be difficult to achieve in the busy school environment. Private tutoring allows for a more tailored, personalised learning approach based on the individual student’s needs. Everyone learns at different speeds and in different ways, and good tutors adapt to the needs of the child and customise the sessions. By identifying gaps and weaknesses, tutors can focus on these areas to strengthen mathematical foundations.

In the classroom environment, the teacher is dealing with up to thirty students, each with their own strengths and weaknesses and rate of learning. It is simply not possible for the teacher in this context to give the individual attention that one-to-one tutoring offers, resulting in misunderstandings and weaknesses in foundational learning. In maths, each topic builds upon the last one, so it is essential to fully grasp the first before moving on to the next area. When this doesn’t happen, students can become disillusioned and begin to believe they ‘can’t do’ maths. As confidence diminishes, so does enthusiasm, becoming a self-fulfilling prophecy.

One-to-one online maths tutoring also has the advantage of a calm, relaxed environment. This makes it easier for students to ask questions and voice their concerns and challenges. In the classroom, this can feel intimidating, and many students do not want to draw attention to themselves. Misunderstandings remain unexpressed and are not addressed. Private tutoring provides an atmosphere of trust, and students are encouraged to speak up about anything they do not understand. The tutor can then address any misconceptions and misunderstandings as they occur.

How does Online Maths Tutoring Work?

Online maths tutoring has many benefits. Face-to-face tutoring, whether at school, a learning centre or in your own home, can be a daunting experience. With online tutoring, all of the interaction is over the internet or phone, which students find less intimidating. The pressure-free environment allows students to interact comfortably with their tutor.

Your child may feel apprehensive and a little nervous before their first tutoring session, and our tutors are skilled at helping the student feel at ease. Their first priority is building a positive relationship with your child, so the first session will involve the tutor asking your child a few friendly questions to establish a rapport. They may ask your child about school and how they feel about their learning. They will also tell your child a little about themselves, and your child is welcome to ask their tutor questions as this will be a collaborative learning experience.

Our private tutors will begin by assessing what your child knows and where they need support with learning. This is done in a supportive and non-threatening way and gives the tutor an in-depth understanding of where your child is on their learning journey. They then prepare a study plan for each student, which outlines their learning objectives and acknowledges any potential learning barriers.

At Principal tutors, we understand the importance of finding the right tutor for your child. We ensure we assign the best online maths tutor for your child, taking personality, teaching style and adaptability into consideration. We hand-pick each tutor based on your child’s needs, which makes us different from other tutoring services. The relationship between the tutor and the student is highly personal, and it is vital to find a good match. Whilst one student may need a formal approach, another may need more encouragement and nurturing in order to build trust.

Online maths tutoring works in a similar way to conventional maths tutoring but, with additional benefits. Your child will have individual, dedicated tutor support to help them understand the topic they are learning. They will use study materials to support learning which are carefully chosen and adapted to match each student’s study level and abilities. The tutor will provide tailored guidance, allowing your child to understand the topic better.

Another benefit of online tutoring is that sessions can often be much more interactive than a face-to-face tutor. Online games and programmes are regularly used in the tutoring process. This will help your child to enjoy their learning. They will look forward to the sessions and see them as less of a chore. The use of technology makes online tutoring far more flexible than conventional tutoring. It is easy to share resources such as past papers, which you can store online and refer back to. You can even request to record a session so that you can replay it whenever your child needs a recap.

All of our online maths tutors are fully qualified and experienced teachers or lecturers. Their highly developed teaching skills mean they can understand what each student needs and explain topics at the most appropriate level. As teachers, they are fully conversant with the current curriculum and understand what each child needs to learn. Equally important are their highly-developed communication skills, allowing them to interact and empathise effectively.

Another advantage of using a private maths tutor is that they provide detailed, personalised feedback after every session. Regular, constructive feedback ensures the student’s learning stays on track to meet their individual goals. This ensures that they know how they are progressing and parents remain informed as to how their child is doing. A formal evaluation detailing areas that need more attention or revision identifies precisely what your child needs to focus on to improve. This is one of the many benefits of a dedicated one-to-one maths tutor who has an in-depth understanding of your child’s development and needs and can provide you with detailed, personalised feedback. They also provide regular progress reports and keep records of each student’s work while ensuring that all such data is secure.

At Principal Tutors, we ensure that our students are fully supported throughout the process and that any questions or problems are resolved at the earliest opportunity. Our qualified private maths tutors, who have the necessary insight to understand difficulties and provide answers, give support whenever needed. Our professional tutors meet all safeguarding requirements, regardless of whether tuition is delivered purely online.

Online tutoring will increase your child’s potential, building confidence and developing valuable study skills. Whether you are looking for ongoing support, to extend your child’s learning or guidance on an admissions examination, private online tutoring is a wonderful way to invest in your child’s future.


We are so happy with our 11+ tutor, she is always very professional and approachable, and she is helping my son to gain in confidence for his grammar school entrance exams next term.


Very happy with the Tutor who is working with my daughter for the 11+. He always replies to emails promptly, engages my daughter during the online lesson, and she's enjoying the work. Thank you.


We were recommended a tutor for our needs very quickly and were able to start immediately. My daughter is getting tutoring for her 11+ exam and according to her, the tutor is amazing. There is a long way until the exam but she managed to bust my daughter's confidence in Maths. Thank you!


Thank you for recommending such an amazing physics tutor for my son. We are now confident he will achieve the graded he needs to get into the uni of his choice, which is all down to the support we received from Principal Tutors and our wonderful tutor.